Show #24 Saturday June 23rd 2012

Hello everybody here are the bands and artists for this week enjoy !   below is the set list ! 

heres the list of Bands and artists and songs...for this week's show

1. The Count Five..Psychotic Reaction
2. MC 5 ...Kick Out The Jams  Live !
3. Ace Frehley ....Shock Me
4. The Byrds ...Eight Miles High
5. The Sweet ...Set Me Free
6. Spirit....Dark Eyed Woman
6. Hawkwind...Space Is Deep..Live !
7. Frank Marino....All Along The Watch Tower
8. Gun ...Race With The Devil
9. Pentangle....The Trees Do Grow High
10. Be Bop Deluxe...Ships In The Night
11. Be Bop Deluxe...Life In The Air Age
12. Be Bop Deluxe...Sleep That Burns

Second Hour...11.00  P.M.  

1. Chambers Brothers...Time Has Come Today
2. Bubble Puppy...Hot Smoke and Sassafras
3. Foghat...Slow Ride Live !
4. King Crimson ....In The Court Of The Crimson King
5. Sienna Root ...I Been Waiting  Root Jam Live !
6. Cream...White Room
7. Cream....Siting On Top of The World
8. Cream...Politician
9. Valles Flying Machine...Butterfly Woman
10. Steve Hillage......Salmon Song
11. Robin Trower....Gonna Be More Suspicious

below album and pictures of artists....Show # 24 June 23rd 2012

1. The Count Five ....

above Count Five Live in Concert 1966  

2. MC5  ..Kick Out The Jams Live !

Above MC 5 live at a Festival in 1969

3. Ace Frehley  Shock Me

4. The Byrds  Eight Miles High  

Above The Byrds single of... Eight Miles High..its very psychadelic 12 string Rickenbacker Guitar sounds propelled this song to the top of the Classic Rock Charts...piloted by 12 string guitar genius Roger McGuinn  picture of him below...with Rickenbacker 370 model 12 string guitar...

5. The Sweet ....Set Me Free  

The Sweet above were known as a glam rock band but covered alot of stylistic ground during thier carreer...Glam Rock..Pop Rock...Psych Rock ..Prog Rock..and even Proto Metal  with this song Set Me Free....

6. Spirit...Dark Eyed Woman...

Dark Eyed Woman  was the lead of song on Spirits Album Clear...known as a Classic Rock "Deep Cut" it is an excellent  song.  

7. Hawkwind ...Space is Deep Live   from the album Space Ritual of the most important Psych Rock/Space Rock albums of all time released in 1972 

above  crazy and wild album cover dipicting ..Love Goddesses...and ..retro/future concepts ruled on Hawkwind album covers thanks to thier layout artist Barney Bubbles.

8. Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush...All Along The Watchtower

Frank Marino's cover of All Along the Watchtower came out on his 1979 album Tales Of The Unexpected...a very psychadelic and progressive sounding album...

Above Frank Marino with his Gibson SG Les Paul....

9. Gun .....Race with The Devil

This power trio released this album in 1968..out of London England..the trio was 2 brothers named Gurvitz...on bass guitar and lead guitar...this song came out in a the early 1970's  very powerful song also uses a full blown the song...great song writing !    this thier 1st album has a very powerful and strong selection of songs....look it up youll love it !! Incidently this is the 1st professional album cover artist Roger Dean..(later of Yes album cover fame) produced in the album market..

10. Pentangle...The Trees They Do Grow High.

Pentangle..was a band lead by 6 string wizard Bert Janch  an amazing acoustic genuis all the band members were top notch.musicians in The British Isles..Thier Female singer..had haunting Melodies that to this day can tingle your spine..a most beautiful song is a 800 year old English song redone in a modern folk rock style...completely wonderful music.

11. Be Bop Deluxe  .... Ships In The Night...
one of only 2 hits for Be Bop In America...a great song for many people this band is considered progressive music ..that has a pop bent..excellent songwriting from Bill Nelson (guitarist singer) and the band. 

12. Be Bop Deluxe  .......Life in The Air Age

13. Be Bop Deluxe....Sleep That Burns....

above Bill of Texas Joe Valles ..biggest Guitar Heros !  an amazing artist totally top shelf !!!  

second hour of show next up !

1. The Chambers Brothers...Time Has Come Today....

a soul and blues band that was up to the task of making one of the most..freaked out socio/political rock and roll music...and thier sound still resounds today and is still very powerful....this song lyrics are still s strong today as they were in the late 1960's...some of the most violent and over the top fuzz guitar you will ever hear..!!!  but it can also be seen as beautiful electric noise !  a very very good song !  

2. Bubble Puppy...Hot Smoke and Sasafras

Bubble Puppy ...super psychadelic music from Austin, Texas wow amazing !
wonderful lyrics...amazing word poetry...!

Foghat...Slow Ride Live !!!  

this album came out in 1977 and dominated the charts for a long time excellent song writing and reapropreation of blues licks! in a hard rock context...great live band Texas Joe was lucky enough to see these guys in the 1990's in Austin Texas and they blew the roff of the concert hall...people did not want to leave...they were still in top form and excellent band ! 
leader  Lonesome Dave Peverett ..who had previuosly been in Savoy Brown.

4. King Crimson...In The Court of The Crimson King 

Sienna Root....I Been Waiting....Root Jam ...

6. Cream ...White Room 
7. Cream....Siting On Top Of The World
8. Cream.... Politician 

9. Valles Flying Machine  ....Butterfly Woman

above Valles Flying Machine  Texas Joe,Eloy,Noe Valles

10. Steve Hillage ....Salmon Song...

11. Robin Trower...Gonna Be More Suspicious....
a very cool song from the album For Earth Below ..

above Robin Trower..with his famous White Fender Stratocaster in The Mid 1970's during the super high point of his carreer...

ok folks hope you enjoy the show we wish u the very best
texas joe valles
psych rock 101
kmbh 88.9 fm

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