This Page Texas Joe Valles will discuss Guitar Pedals and Effects for his guitars in a Live setting and in a recording studio setting. This Page will also have discussions on Effects used with the bands Synths.

Mermaid Fuzz is complete and ready for sale as of July 2023 !  


Hi Texas Joe Valles  and Corey Hackworth of PHD Pedals  have completed the design and Graphic layout of 

Texas Joe's Mermaid Fuzz it is now available for sale just send Texas Joe an Email at … 

and we can give you the details on how to obtain your very own Mermaid Fuzz. 

We will post the functions and Layout of The Mermaid Fuzz Here. 

Videos of Mermaid Fuzz available soon on You Tube and some or now on Valles Flying Machine's Facebook page. 

photos and descriptions below enjoy ! 

Below Corey and Texas Joe working on The prototypes of The Mermaid Fuzz back in Fall of 2021……

Note Texas Joe Valles using his trusty Roland G707 Guitar it is currently his favorite guitar to use live.