Psych Rock 101 Show# 23 June 16th 2012

Hello ...this is the 1st installment for Psych Rock 101..June 16th2012  we will give you a run down of the songs to be played on the show..remember it starts @ 10.p.m.  Saturday night......

Picture was taken June 14th 2012  @ KMBH  STUDIOS Harlingen Texas...with Show #23 set list if you look closely...its all done in Pen...very rapidly also...I usually pick bands right off the top of my head...ha ha !  enjoy 

Set List:
1.) Todd Rundgren..Utopia Theme ...Live
2.) Yes ...Heart of The Sunrise
3.) Rush...La Villa Strangiato
4.) Flash...Small Beginings
5.) Black Sabbath..Warning 

second hour  11.00 p.m. 

1.) Pink Floyd.....Astronomy Domine
2.) Astra....The Rising of The Black Sun
3.) Grand Funk Railroad...Paranoid ...Live
4.) Jerry Garcia Band...The Deal ...Live
5.) Led Zepplin...The Rain Song ...Live
6.) The Open Mind....Magic Potion
7.) Rory Gallagher...Tattoo'd Lady
8.) Rainbow...Stargazer
9.) The Who...A quick One while He is Away

Below some album and song cover art of the above bands all in order of play list.......enjoy !

Todd Rundgrun" Utopia  Live ! 

I 1st heard this in the late 1990's in Austin Texas my Buddy Bill turned me onto this cd i was so flipped out...I could not believe how weird and wonderful this record was..its all over the place musically ...I hope you folks love it !

Below    Yes ..Heart of The Sunrise....

I 1st heard this band in High School in the late 1970's early 1980's and I loved them..but when we put our own band together...and were stretching out song wise we really dugg deep into Yes and Studied thier amazing band with positive lyrics many people love !

This band  Rush...was the a huge part of my Teenage Years...this song was a mind blower when I 1st heard made you just feel totally killer..and happy....very kool stuff for an impressionable teen !

Flash (above) is one of those bands that i had collected in my stash of cd'rs  from friends the early 2000's about 2002 or 2003....a buddy in Brownsville Texas named Manuel...told me about this band...he had been listening tothem since the early 1970's....well he also gave me about 20 to 30 more cd'rs at the same time he gave me this was alot of music it fell through the cracks and gathered the proverbial dust in my record collection archives until one day...i stumbled upon about 2007 or 2008...and ..made an effort to listen to them whole heartedly...when I did I was totally surprized...with the very streamlined..powerful sound these guysmade with super awesome vocals...I could not believe it....and to this 2012 I regularly play them on my radio show and in my car...for fun...great band..! 

Black Sabbath (above) 1 st album was so influental in my upbringing...its not even funny..a total breakaway album from conventional rock at the time it came out  has blown minds ever since...are they heavy ?yes ! are the psych rock? yes! are they progressive? yes!  just an amazing band ...1st heard them as a sophmore in high school ...allways a great album to jam out to.  The Warning is a great song....

second hour.....of Psych Rock 101 

Pink Floyd..Astronomy one of those songs...I didnt ..hear until...I was deep into playing in my own rock band I was fully aware of Pink Floyd..but..I didnt ...get listen to this until the late 1990's  and when I did I loved it alot..very trippy..psychedlic to the bone...wonderful song....Syd Barret...really....lays the ...strangeness down on this song..excellent !  

The lead off song from Astra's debut album in 2009...I 1st heard this album in Austin Texas in Summer 2009 when i was living there I dont remember how I stumbled upon this but it shocked me...probably looking for psych rock music in You Tube...I  found the video for this song...The Rising of The Black Sun was a shocker....thick greasy..riffs...heavy drums..effects like crazy...flutes !!! i was blown away was a pleasent surprize to find this new band from San Diego..that played really good Proggy/Psych rock...excellent stuff..!

Grand Funk Railroad Live Paranoid.....very early 1980's...maybe1980/ 1981...I was bitten by the rock and roll high school...I walked into MusicLand ..Records and Tapes in The Sunrise Mall in Brownsville Texas...I asked The Manager...Do you know anything about Heavy Metal ,Acid Rock & Hard Rock....? (he was wearing a dark blue suit blue tie and light blue shirt..very proper...but he had longish hair...ha ha !)  he said..Yes I sure do...The I asked Him What is the Heaviest Band that you know of..? The most hard rock band ever...? the most powerful..? and he said ..That would be this album right here.....Its Excellent..raw live and powerfull.. your gonna love it..!  and He pulled out..Grand Funk Railroads..Live Album  a Double Album at that...I said oh Yeah..?  I was Stunned by the Picture on The Cover a guy with super long hair flailing away...(Mark Farner..soon to be one of my biggest GuitarHeros ha ha !) .on a guitar and the other 2 guys ..also  freaking out....!!  He said this is your album...its great..its excellent..its very Heavy...!  I said ok Ill take a young Teen  I paid for it took it home...and was completely this wicked and beautiful noise coming from the speakers..! the guys could sing..they could play..and the crowd was going nuts...and the songs were so friggin I hit the jackpot..! ha ha !  Paranoid...The Song... was so Acid Rock sounding so extreme so out there...I just could not believe it ! I still  love this resord to this day.....

(((((((.when I moved to Los Angeles the 1990's there was a record shop in Downey California ..called Middle Earth Records...and the time...Grand Funk was hard to find..or didnt cd format....well I found  a Dutch Import Cd Pressing..and it cost 50 buxx...... !!!   I didnt even think twice I shelled out the cash right then and there...I didnt even flinch at the crazy overblown price..for this Double Album.....I love this album so much !!..thinking about it now....I made more money back in the 1990's selling guitars in a Guitar shop in Los Angeles....than in 2012 ..subbing High School classes in South Texas !!!!!!....with 2 college degrees...something wrong with that picture.....))))))

and I know somewhere out there Im turing on some kid to a great  band and a great song, just over the top just like I love it ! ha ha !  Grand Funk Railroad Rules !!!   

Above Jerry Garcia Band  Song The Deal.....

I have been into the Grateful Dead since I discovered them and really started listening to them while working in Downey Music Center in Downey California.....some shady looking guys came in one time....and sold us a huge box of CD'S...and this album called Grateful Dead ..Hundred Year Hall..Live 1972 in Germany....was in the stash....well one weekday afternoon...I felt like listening to something differant and popped this into the Giant Stereo rig we had in the was I totally ...mezmerized..and lulled and ..seduced into the Deads sound I loved it...!!  I could not get enough!...a band i had known about since high school...but nobody had ever told me about them...until I stumbled upon them on my own...I have been hooked for life on The Grateful Dead..! ..This song is The Jerry Garcia Band in Oakland California...1989..excellent Barn Burner of a song Jerry is amazing on the guitar some of his best work !   enjoy !

Above  Led Zepplin  The Rain Song Live 

What can I say about Led Zepp you dont already know....I still listen to these guys every week almost...never get tired of them...wonderful song from the double cd...How The West Was Won album...that came out in like 2003...I rushed out to WalMart and bought this cd ..its great most of the performance is from Long Beach Arean California..from 1973...I hope you like it !

Above  The Open Mind  Magic Potion....

This band The Open Mind...I discovered on a Mojo Magazine ...compilation cd...of lost Acid Rock and Freakbeat acts from album wonders...that were ahead of thier time....and excellent freak out fuzz rock ...double drumming action song....very kool vocals....a psychadelic hard rock should see the You Tube video super crazy !!!   enjoy !!

Above....Rory Gallagher Irish Tour 1974  Tattoo'd Lady....

In about 1980..I discovered Rory Gallagher...from a stash of old albums a guy had sitting around his house...that were about to be thrown away..!  he let me have Irish Tour 1974.....this song...helped me visualize...what he was singing and I loved it !  plus the song rocks hard....its about a girl...who has tons of Tattoos...all over her body...and this little boy falls in love with her...and runs off to the circus...(where you could only see women with tats back in the 1940's & 1950's) ..great song, great guitar work and the crowd is goings nuts...I hope you like it !  enjoy !

Above  Rainbow Rising...Stargazer....

Stargazer is one of those Dark Psych songs Rainbow is so famous for...Ronnie Dio really sings fabulous on this...and Ritchie amazing   I hope you enjoy it....I have been jamming out to Rainbow since the 1979...I hope you like them ...enjoy

The 1st Album I ever bought of The Who was The Kids Are like 1980....and the live version of this is on it...from Rolling Stones Rock and Roll kills !!!!these guys were amazing...A Quick done live and its just over the top...The Who were one of the very best rock bands there has ever been....very few bands will ever get this much raw power in thier live show with such great song writing...I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS..and I hope it makes an Impression on you....enjoy !
The very 1st rock concert T Shirt I ever bought as a kid was The Who Maximum R&B  in a head shop in Austin Texas in 1981...thats how much I loved this band !  

Above The Who...Aquick One , While He is Away.....

This is the list of albums and songs for June 16th 2012 Show #23    I hope you enjoyed the setlist....and Thnx to Mario Munoz and Chris Maley for Helping me with the production of this set of songs....tune in next week for  mor efrom Psych Rock 101 on KMBH 88.9 FM /88.1 FM  Rio Grande Valley South Texas.

I try to bring you the very best in Psych and Prog and Jamband and Classic Rock I hope you enjoyed the show ! 
thank you
your host
Texas Joe Valles

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