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The Valles Flying Machine is a powertrio from Brownsville, Texas down on the Tex-Mex Border. The band is made up of 3 brothers, Texas Joe Valles,Eloy Valles & Noe Valles who write, arrange, sing, record & produce all their own songs.
The band has been around since 1984 and have released several cd's on their own label, 5 differant cd titles to be exact. The band has played all over Texas, Northern Mexico, Florida, Alabama, California and Wisconsin.

The bands music can be heard all over the world, as their cd's have been spun on radio stations all across the globe.
Most of the recent Valles Flying Machine recordings can be found on  Bandcamp.com or ITUNES and many of the bands videos can be seen on You Tube . 

As of September 2021 the band is working on 3 projects at once....

1. The Tree Hugger Honey and Granola Acoustic Session Album . The Album is a full on 12 string acoustic guitar, Congas and Percussion album with 18 song titles.

2. Mermaid Blues Electric Album...A psychedelic power trio format hard rock record with electric 6 string and 12 string guitar songs full of effects wild imagination and  synths...coupled with singer songwriter story telling themes. 32 songs in total a double album bar none ! 

3.New Wave Synth Album Vol. 1 is a set of retro looking songs in a early 1980s Future Retro Styling...recalling all your favorite bands and songs from the early 1980s.

The Valles Brothers are also working on thier open ended Jam Band ..called Valles Spaceship. The project has 7 songs in the works with way more to follow.


The band has a 7 song album release on cd as of June 2011 and is available as a download. The record is called Witch Tree.

The band has a full album set of Acoustic Folk Instrumentals available as of the Fall of 2012 and a second session  of folk instrumentals from Fall of 2013 available also on bandcamp.com for you listening and buying pleasure.......enjoy!

New for June/July 2015 we have a new single called Floating Airships on Floating Islands this song is the 1st song we have recorded for our new album Mermaid Blues. We hope to have the album ready by Dec 2015, but for now we have this single for you to enjoy , the song is on our Bandcamp.com  website.  

For 2016 February we have been working on our new album titled Mermaid Blues.  Both Noe Valles and Martin Carrizales have been recording bass lines for the new songs. The album has 22 songs scheduled for inclusion all the songs have been penned and written but not recorded. One song is done which we have been promoting for sometime now. Floating Airships on Floating Islands has been finished for quite sometime and can be heard here or on You Tube and or our bandcamp.com site. 

Below Promo/Publicity Photo taken February 2016.
 Valles Flying Machine left to right, Eloy Valles,Texas Joe Valles and Noe Valles. 

Publicity Photo for VFM single. 


Thank You
Valles Flying Machine

Below is the Album Cover Art for Witch Tree.....

below 2011 offical band photo for sale...







The Band as of 2015 ...has Martin Carrisalez, playing bass guitar in an effort to keep the band moving fore ward...Noe Valles will be back in the future......playing gigs and recording with the band. Photo below taken July 25th 2015 @ Haven Bar in Brownsville ,Texas.